experience ex‧pe‧ri‧ence [ɪkˈspɪəriəns ǁ -ˈspɪr-] noun [uncountable]
1. knowledge or skill gained from doing a particular job:

• He is a high-up executive who has years of experience in advising investors

• Applicants will normally have at least two years' experience teaching English for Business.

• You will receive a salary in the range of £18,586 to £20,176 pa depending on qualifications and experience.

• Jack's bank manager pointed out that he had no business experience and was therefore a high risk from the bank's point of view.

• They are prepared to employ young people with no previous experience and train them.

ˌhands-on exˈperience JOBS
experience gained from doing a job rather than studying it:

• On this course there is an emphasis on hands-on experience and practical work.

ˈwork exˌperience JOBS
a short period of time during which a young person works for a company in order to learn about a job and about working life in general:

• Shell is working on projects to help find training and work experience for some of Brazil's 13 million street children.

2. INSURANCE a record of the difference in amount between claims made by insured people and money they pay for their insurance policies. This information is used by insurance companies to calculate the amount people should pay for their insurance policies:

• With fleet insurance, the risk is rated on experience over the preceding five years.

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experience UK US /ɪkˈspɪəriəns/ noun
[U] HR knowledge or skill that you get from doing, seeing, or feeling things, or the process of getting this: »

His knowledge and experience will be a great asset to the board in our future growth.

have experience of sth »

Do you have any experience of working with heavy machinery?

gain/get experience »

As we gained experience of interpreting the data we were able to work faster.

experience as sth »

They employed someone with many years' experience as a mine regulator.

experience in sth »

Their experience in marketing and promotion has brought excellent results.

work/professional experience »

My work experience includes one year as an accounts clerk, and two years as a shop assistant.

past/previous/prior experience »

No previous experience is necessary as full training will be offered.

extensive/considerable experience »

Carol has extensive experience in consumer advice and trading standards.


practical/relevant experience


personal/first-hand/direct experience


I have three years of experience.

by/from experience »

I know from experience that the manager's job does not end at closing time.

in sb's experience »

In our experience, the most successful projects come from strong, diverse teams.

[C] something that happens to you that affects how you feel: a good/great/positive experience »

We want to make visiting the website a good experience for all our users.


a useful/valuable/educational experience

be/provide/offer an experience »

It was an amazing experience to participate in the forum.

customer/shopping/learning experience »

People who shop here care about the customer experience and the quality of service they receive.

See also HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE(Cf. ↑hands-on experience), WORK EXPERIENCE(Cf. ↑work experience)
experience UK US /ɪkˈspɪəriəns/ verb [T]
if you experience something, it happens to you or affects you: experience a problem/difficulty »

We experienced a lot of difficulty in selling our house.


New companies often experience a loss in their first few years.


This family business has experienced steady growth and now employs 40 people.

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